What to do when a SCORE client asks something outside your area of expertise


A central part of Northwest Arkansas SCORE’s small business services is our volunteer mentoring program. Our mentors are committed to helping the area’s small business owners achieve their goals. Whether the mentors are experts in accounting or marketing, they can be used as a resource for all of the small business related questions.

The mentors of Northwest Arkansas SCORE are committed to helping new small business owners achieve their goals and dreams. By volunteering at SCORE, you can provide a community service; you can also connect with fellow business owners; and pass on your knowledge other entrepreneurs in your community. Whether you are passionate about mentoring others or you simply enjoy making connections, becoming a SCORE mentor is an outstanding opportunity to get involved in your community.

Sometimes, our clients have questions that are outside the mentor’s area of expertise. We equip our mentors with the resources necessary to answer these questions.

Answering questions about new subjects

So what happens if you are mentoring about marketing, and the questions suddenly switch to accounting questions? A part of being a NWA SCORE mentor means that you have access to a variety of resources to help throughout the mentoring process.

SCORE training materials-We have numerous educational materials and programs available to all mentors. SCORE’s education programs come in a variety of formats. We utilize program handouts, websites, online workshops, and most of all, the volunteer Learning Warehouse.

Individual research-Mentors are also welcome to learn more about the subject through their own research. The internet is rich with information about a myriad of topics related to small business ownership and operation. We recommend searching blogs and websites related to the industry that relates to the client’s question.

Use other mentors-You also the option of bringing in another mentor. With the help of another mentor, both you and the client can learn more about that specific topic. The wonderful thing about the SCORE’s network of mentors is that they are there to help, whether it is a client or another mentor!


NWA SCORE is the premier small business counseling and advice organization in the United States. We are a national nonprofit, charitable organization composed of more 13,000 volunteer business mentors, both working and retired, who counsel businesses from nearly 350 counseling offices throughout the country. NWA SCORE serves all of Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding area. To learn more about how to become a SCORE mentor or the mentorship program, visit the website https://northwestarkansas.score.org/volunteer.