Top three reasons small business owners contact NWA SCORE


We recently discussed the most common questions that potential mentors have about volunteering with SCORE and today we wanted to go into more detail the types of questions we get from small business owners seeking our mentoring services.

SCORE is the premier small business counseling and advice organization in the United States. We are a national nonprofit, charitable organization composed of more 13,000 volunteer business mentors, both working and retired, who counsel businesses from nearly 350 counseling offices throughout the country. The NWA SCORE office is in Springdale and serves all of Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding area.

Our clients come from all industries and at all stages of the business development process. When we receive a request for mentoring assistance, the request usually falls into three categories.

The person:

  • Has an idea for a business but does not know how to start a business;
  • Has an existing business but has a question about a specific issue such as marketing; or
  • Has an existing business and something major changed either in the marketplace or their individual business, and they need guidance.

Whenever we receive a message asking for a mentor, we first respond to get more detail both about their questions and what steps they’ve already taken to find answers. This further information helps us better pair the client with a volunteer mentor.


The range of questions we receive makes it even more vital that we maintain a wealth of knowledge among our volunteer mentor team. That’s why we seek volunteer mentors of both genders, a variety of ages, and from a variety of backgrounds.


Do you have experience in a specific aspect of running a small business such as marketing or accounting? Contact us today to learn more about becoming a volunteer mentor with NWA SCORE.