Introducing Ken Meyer

Ken MeyerToday we continue our volunteer mentor highlights with introducing Ken Meyer.

Ken has served as a volunteer mentor for Northwest Arkansas SCORE for three years and currently spends much of his volunteer time hosting clients at the Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce office in downtown Rogers twice a month. He also helps recruit and welcome new mentors during SCORE seminars.

He was asked to become a mentor because a client needed help with what kind of insurance was needed for his business. That kind of information is Ken’s expertise, and we were thrilled he was willing to join as a volunteer mentor. He continues to offer valuable advice for our clients on a myriad of business issues.

Ken moved to Bella Vista 23 years ago when he retired from the insurance industry.  He started working in the industry in 1953 and over the years has worked as a claims adjuster and investigator, jobs that have taken him all over the country. His business experience continued after retirement when he owned a window washing business in NWA for six years.

Ken and his two children
Ken and his two children

Being a volunteer mentor has been an enriching experience in several ways, Ken agrees. He enjoys getting to know the individual clients the most.

“They come in fired up (about their business) but don’t know where to go next,” he said. “If the clients listen and do what has to be done, they will succeed.”

Ken also enjoys associating with other mentors during monthly meetings and the opportunities for personal growth, he said.

His advice for potential new volunteers?

“You have to depend on your experience. You can’t teach something unless it relates somehow to your experience,” he said.

Ken relates the concept to the concept of being a widower. His wife passed away last year.

“Before that happened I couldn’t talk to people about how to deal with that loss,” he said.

He adds that mentors need to be able to “cultivate your strong points. Cultivate your strengths so you know how to teach them. What’s what we are as mentors. We are teachers.”